THE DECONSTRUCTIONISM is a short concept story told through original poetry written between 1999 and 2001. It is a tale of an alien being who is forced to leave his rapidly dying home planet in order to survive. Leaving his family, friends and companion behind, he travels aimlessly through space and time and ends up on planet Earth. Although he learns to live among the humans, he is constantly reminded that he does not belong there. He is an outsider. An outcast. He tries to please them. To put their minds at ease, he even goes to great lengths to try and make himself more human. Trouble ensues when he meets and falls in love with the most beautiful creature he has ever seen or imagined. A human female he calls “The Angel”. Of course, the humans do not approve of this and try to keep them apart. Eventually he is again forced to choose between love and survival. Published in 2012 by Broken_beyond_repair Publishing and printed in the United States of America by


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