About My Writing

For the better part of  two decades I have used my writing as an outlet for emotions and to help deal with my depression, anxiety, substance abuse; to expel the demons of a tortured soul.

In 1999, I started using “broken_beyond_repair” as an alias or pseudonym for my writing. As the years went on and my writing became more and more defined I realized that I had created a monster within myself and that it was taking over. I guess life really does imitate art. The only way to fight this monster was to keep writing.

The first product I released under the broken_beyond_repair trademark was in 2011 with an ebook of 51 original poems titled “eMOTION SICKNESS”. I immediately started work on a new book that I had planned on releasing on 1/20/12. This short concept story told through my poetry was to be called “THE DECONSTRUCTIONISM”.

December 2011….I released “eMOTION SICKNESS” in physical paperback form.

In early Jan 2012, I decided against releasing my nearly finished second book and instead started work on a new music project with some of the left over material.

I had now fully realized my initial dream was to use my writing as they were originally intended, as song lyrics. A studio music project “broken_beyond_repair” was started with local musician/producer and friend Gabe Wilkinson (http://www.facebook.com/microwavedgw).

November 2012….THE DECONSTRUCTIONISM is finally released!

Now 2013, over two decades after writing my first poem, I have created 7hirteen Publishing, a platform to help reach other artists and professionals. Here I will showcase my work, both past, present and future. I hope to be able to market my writing someday, as a whole, or individually to musicians and/or other interested professionals.

One response to “About My Writing

  1. Every day you wake up and take another breath, is another day to wreak havoc and make merriment! Keep doing your thing K!

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